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We are looking for volunteers to help run our  basketball programs and tournaments. We need people to give about 2 hours of their time to our organization per event . The support of volunteers is needed to have a successful youth organization. It is vital to have your service and we at the Vineyard Streetball Classic can use your time to provide a quality youth basketball program.  




This is your opportunity to volunteer and have a great time at the VINEYARD STREETBALL CLASSIC 3 ON 3 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Thank you for considering the VSC as a place to donate your time and talents!

Personal Info
Volunteer Information

Referees: Officiate the assigned games for a 2 hour time block on their assigned Court. Must wear referee shirt and have a whistle. Enforce VSC rules. They make the final decision on their court regarding play.

Time keeper: Track the start and stop time of their assigned 10 minute games for a 2 hour time period. Communicate with the referee to start the game and keep the referee informed of the time throughout and at the Countdown of game (running time).

Score keeper: Keeps the Score and team fouls of both teams for their assigned Court for a          2 hour time block. Upon completion of the game they must report the score to the bracket keeper.

Bracket keeper: Fill out their division bracket, based on registration. Assign the first set of games to that bracket to the score keeper at the designated court. They will keep track of the Wins and losses for the age bracket assigned to them. They give the scorekeeper the next two teams to play.

Runner: Runs information from the registration tables to the DJ.

Registration: Accept forms, payment gives bracelets: Verify that form is completed, receive payment give form to roster keeper and put on bracelet

Roster keeper: highlights players and keeps list of players on the Waiting list. Assigns players after registration close out.

T-shirts: Once a player is registered and placedonateam they are given a bracelet and a t-shirt will be given to them.  T Shirts and bracelets must be worn at

all times during the tournament.

Concessions: Assist VSC staff with the Sale or distribution of tournament food to    participants and or customers.

Merchandise: Promote and sell the Vineyard Streetball Classic t-shirts,donations and other programs we run.

Medical staff: Volunteers that will assist the Vineyard Streetball Classic athletes, spectators and Volunteers for first aid needs.

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